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3 Ways Teachers Can Help Your Center Not Get Violations!

3 Ways Teachers Can Help Your Center Not Get Violations!

This month I took a strong focus on violations! Getting written up is no fun for any center. I find most of the time the violations are things that are completely avoidable. The best method of action I can tell you is to play by the rules but make sure your teachers are too. All too often directors and owners are having a hard time delegating tasks, which in turn is biting them in the rare end. So today I want you to understand that,
Yup, I said it! It is time for you to create a well oiled violation free system for your center. This is not going to take an arm and a leg, but it will take time to get it right. I am going to give you the steps to get prepared and then give you the steps to start.
Getting Prepared
  1. Print out your compliance forms/regulations for childcare in your state
  2. Make a checklist of things that need to be checked daily or weekly in the classroom/building
  3. Have a meeting with your teachers to educate them on what to look for in their classrooms
  4. Give teachers forms that can be handed in for repairs
Getting Started
  1. Go through your regulations and make sure everything is fixed / up to date.​
  2. Make one teacher/ staff member responsible for making classroom checks and reporting back to you. 
  3. Do a weekly inspections of physical repairs
Bonus: Do weekly inspections of staff trainings and files
I really hope this helps your center
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