1. Is there a contract? No, there is no contract when you work with our childcare recruitment agency. We work on your behalf for 30 business days. If no candidates are sent to you within that time we will extend our work for a specified number of days — absolutely free.

2. Is there another payment after a candidate is hired?
Absolutely NOT! It is your choice to hire any candidate. It is also your choice what you will pay for them.

3. How long will it take to find a candidate? We make no guarantees as to how long it will take because it depends on the position you are trying to fill. Some centers can get candidates within one week and others it may take a bit longer. We do our best to find EXACTLY what you have asked for.

4. How do we sign up? Get started with our childcare staffing services right here!

5. What happens when I sign up? A template will be sent to you within 24 hours.  Once we have received your template we make your account active.

6. What states do you help? We are nationwide! So we can help you anywhere in the country!

7. How do we get the candidates? They will be emailed to you for approval. After your approval, interviews will be scheduled on your behalf. Let those looking for childcare careers in the country come to you! That’s the beauty of our service here at Childcare Professional Staffing.

8. Refund Policies- There are no refunds for our services.

If you are looking for Careers in childcare, check out our dedicated resource to be included in our database.