About Us

Welcome to Childcare Professional Staffing, one of the best childcare employment agencies in the country. Regardless of whether you are a childcare center searching for your next star employee or a professional ready to find your long-term career, we are proud to be your guide. Our team of daycare consulting professionals has been involved in the childcare industry for more than 42 years, allowing us to understand both the joys and frustrations that can come with trying to locate the right candidate or child care center. Let us guide you toward the right match for your needs!

Our Promise To Centers

We work on a business’ behalf for 30 days to find qualified candidates and give them the option to call these people in for an interview. If no candidates are sent to you within that time frame, we will extend our consultative work for a specified number of days, free of charge. You’ll receive candidate information via email, allowing you to approve or decline as you see fit. Then, we’ll schedule the interview for you. Our mission is to make childcare hiring more convenient.

Our Promise To Candidates

Start your childcare career with a team on your side who can help. We want to help you find the right childcare organization for your needs and get you in touch with their hiring manager. This is the first step in your vocation in childcare! Apply now to be added to our database.

We know the importance of choosing the right professional, but we also know the realities of turnover. We help you hire the right people from the start so your program and its children can succeed.

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