Hire A Professional

Hire A Professional 

It’s time to hire true childcare professionals you can rely on to provide quality care to the children at your facility. When applicants seem to be few and far between, or when those reaching out don’t quite meet your standards, how can you find the help you need? We are the answer. At Childcare Professional Staffing, we collect resumes and information from experienced childcare professionals searching for a workplace like yours.

​Professional Childcare Candidates

Only the best and brightest make it into our database, allowing you to review candidates and invite those who meet your exact specifications for an interview. We know that teachers and caretakers struggle to find the right position as much as institutions struggle to find the right match, which is why we are here — to pair you up with a dedicated and caring employee.

​Over 42 Years Of Combined Experience

Our staff combines more than 42 years of experience in the industry with a deep passion for helping these institutions and childcare centers thrive in order to provide the best results. Simply sign up for our help, and we’ll be in touch. We will do our absolute best to find what you are looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract?

No, there is no contract when you work with our childcare recruitment agency. We work on your behalf for 30 business days. If no candidates are sent to you within that time we will extend our work for a specified number of days — absolutely free.

Is there another payment after a candidate is hired?

Absolutely NOT! It is your choice to hire any candidate. It is also your choice what you will pay for them.

How long will it take to find a candidate?

We make no guarantees as to how long it will take because it depends on the position you are trying to fill. Some centers can get candidates within one week and others it may take a bit longer. We do our best to find EXACTLY what you have asked for.

What happens when I sign up?

A template will be sent to you within 24 hours.  Once we have received your template we make your account active.

What states do you help?

We are nationwide! So we can help you anywhere in the country!

Refund Policies

There are no refunds for our services.


If you make a hire with our company and the candidate does not work out within the first 30 days of starting the job we will open a new search for you for an additional 60 days all on us! 


*Full access to sourced candidates' information and their assessments and video interviews and real-time visibility into the progress of each active account.  

*Communication 1-2 times per week. 

*Dedicated team assigned to your account.